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Play video poker online, video poker online, play video poker
Play video poker online, video poker online, play video poker

General recommendations for video poker players


It should be stressed that any kind of a videopoker, regardless of the house edge, has a distinctive feature of being totally unpredictable and unstable. Therefore, when you play video poker online make sure you are ready to face perhaps lasting periods of loss and be able to extract the most of the casino when it’s getting “lucky” if you are doing it in the long run.


Keep in mind however, that you should rely only on strategy charts carefully prepared for the chosen video poker game rather than on fate. Be sure to adopt and work them out before you start playing for money. You can find plenty of such strategies at devoted section.


This article delivers general recommendations on how to understand and apply the basic video poker principles faster, not getting to any detailed analyses of certain games.


Differentiate video poker from real poker


Try to ignore all your extensive knowledge your received from real poker online besides keeping names and ranks of the combinations in mind, since these two games share only the word “poker” and card combinations in its essence. Everything beyond works in entirely different way, so restrict yourself from applying the habits and skills adopted from other versions of poker. Most of the recommendations below are based on this principle.


Do not overestimate the value of some cards and combinations


It is typical that inexperienced players tend to appraise the aces more than needed even during the free video poker games. Generally in video poker aces are from being the best card in a deck. While pair of aces returns the same as a pair of Jacks and you don’t have to beat the dealer’s or counterparty’s hands, it is much more complicated to collect the Straight with an ace rather than using lower ranked cards. On practice one might want to draw aces in favor of “smaller” cards in order not to limit the chances of win.


Don’t be afraid of drawing kickers


In video poker kicker is a card which does not directly contributes to collect a combination however may theoretically fortify your hand after another dealing. Beginners often expect such cards to become handy in the end but in fact not getting rid of the kicker immediately significantly diminishes a probability to win. Never hesitate on drawing the kickers and collect valuable combinations.


The value of a combination is determined by the playvideopokeronline pay table


Free poker sites always present a pay table for every combination specific for a certain game and you don’t want to ignore that. Pair of Queens may be of the same value as a pair of Aces due to the table and you won’t need to compare anything to determine the winner of the game.


Always play video poker online with an intent to collect Royal Flush


It is not common in the real poker however you should never neglect the possibility to collect the superior combination even if you have two or three cards required for that purpose


Join today and achieve more results following these recommendations for a quality gaming!